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KV Art

KV Art

Marble wall sculpture in the Main Hall.

A visual experience

As you move through the Lodge and its grounds you will meet, and sometimes be startled by, a wide variety of artworks.
You will certainly not appreciate them all; — but we hope they will be provocative or inspiring enough to elicit a thought or two —-  and, maybe, an emotion.

KV Art

Athlete carved in hardwood. External wall of Banda 6.


Some are in stone, but most are carved from various types of wood. Waakamba carvers did the earlier works; but, subsequently, over the years, our resident carver has added a multitude of pieces; — from simple fence-post figures to much more intricate pieces etched in marble.

KV Art

Turkana lady with baby; — carved in marble.


Large and small paintings cover most of the wall spaces in the restaurant / bar area.

A well-established Nairobi artist may be sharing the same wall space with a  local, unknown amateur.

KV Art

Our resident elephant

Metal animals

Genuinely clever and artistic fabrications in sheet steel; they occupy the grounds of the Lodge and are very popular with children and those looking for unusual photos / “selfies”.

The metal surfaces acquire a weathered ‘patina’ that actually enhances the realism of the creations.

KV Art

Our croc —– always looking for a meal

KV Art Collage

KV Art