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KV Gym

Working out together

Lodge Resident

All resident guests of the Lodge have free access to the gym, which is fully equipped for both athletes in training and fitness devotees.

KV Gym

On the home stretch and on your own

Outdoor exercise

Sometimes it is nice to leave the gym and do exrcises outdoors in the sunshine. There are plenty of nice spaces availble for private training sessions.

KV Gym

Outdoors is also good

Non-resident visitors

When there is available space, the gym can also be used by non-residents who pay a daily or weekly charge.


Massage services are usually available; but it is good to request the masseur’s service in advance.

KV Gym


Physiotherapists are often part of visiting teams of athletes and can sometimes agree to extend their services to other KV customers.

If physio is really essential to your program, contact KV well in advance.

The cold water footbath


After a hard run or ride it can be nice to sit around the “foot pool” and immerse the tired feet.

The ‘poolside’ conversation may be equally important in ‘cooling off’ after the training stress.

KV Gym

Putting in the kilometres

Lose your kgs & your stress

You can play your own work-out music, provided other clients do not object.

Enjoy the ride – and maybe you will make a friend along the way.

KV Gym

You may meet friends along the way