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Rimoi Game Reserve

Wildlife Tracking

Acacia and Ant-hills

The Kerio Valley

Rimoi is in the semi-arid Kerio Valley which is dominated by Acacia bushland.
Termite mounds dot the landscape.
The Kerio river winds through the Valley like a brown snake. In the rainy season, the river can be deep in places and fast flowing; in the dry season it can almost disappear into the sandy river bed. Crocodiles are found along its banks.

Wildlife Tracking

The Kerio River


Rimoi is notable for its large number of elephants (in excess of 450). This is sometimes hard to believe as they are not easily observed because of the dense bushland through which they move in search of food.
Your chsnce of seeing them is greatly improved by employing a game ranger to accompany you.

Wildlife Tracking

A close encounter

Other Animals

Other large mammals are limited, but include: baboons, giraffe, zebra, waterbuck, impala and warthog.
Seeing elephants and other animals is most likely in the evening and early morning. You can do more game drives at these times by camping overnight.

Rimoi entrance gate

The Gate to Rimoi

Rimoi Reserve is small —only 66 km2.  It flanks the Kerio River on its eastern side. The entrance is 3 km from the Biretwo – Arror road (C52) and 26 km from Biretwo (at the C51 / C52 junction.
You will pay entrance fees for yourselves and cars and camping at the gate.

Rothschild’s giraffe

Rare Animals & Plants

Some of the most interesting things in Rimoi are rarely seen by the normal visitor. They include nocturnal animals such as the pangolin (below). and rare plants such as the Edithcolea grandis (right).

Wildlife Tracking

Edithcolea grandis

The Ratel (or Honey badger) is also a rare sight — usually in the late evening. It may be following a Honeyguide bird (of which there are several species) to a beehive. The Ratel’s sharp claws can tear into the hive in minutes,, exposing the larvae and honey, and the Honeyguide gets its share.

If you do see a Ratel —- beware, it can be quite a vicious animal !

Wildlife Tracking


Ecology field trips

The relationship between the honeyguide birds and the Ratel, is an example of what Biologists call “mutualism”  —- two species working together for mutual benefit.
Many examples of animal and plant adaptations and relationships can be seen in Rimoi. A trained biologist / ecologist in your group can make a trip there much more interesting.

Ratel at dusk

Let KV assist you

Kerio View can arrange your visit to Rimoi and provide food, drinks and other things you might require.

Wildlife Tracking

Camping in Rimoi


5 km from the gate is a campsite called “Crcodile Camp” —- though no crocodiles frequent its environs. Tents, water and firewood are available.

.If you would like to camp overnight, in addition to the ranger guide who will be available for hire at the reserve gate, it is advisable to go with a KV guide .