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Paintings on canvas may als0 be available. Others, on card or stiff paper may be obtained in the main building.

The 'Curio Shop'

KV Curio

The “Curio Shop”

This small shop is located in the KV grounds  and stocks quite a number of items suitable for souvenirs, memorabilia and gifts.

You are sure to find something to remind you of your visit to the North Rift or for your friends back home.

KV Curio

Heavy wooden carvings

Souvenirs & gifts

Items available include wood and stone carvings, ranging in size from small to quite large, bangles, bracelets and adornments of different types  — but especially those incorporating African beadwork

KV Curio

Paintings & postcards

Paintings on canvas are also usually available. Other paintings on card or paper are displayed in the main building and can be paid for at the reception desk.

KV Curio

Opening times

There is no opening time. Visitors can request to enter and make purchases at any time during the day. Just request for assistance from the reception desk.

KV Curio