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Local Food

Nyama Choma

This means roast meat in kiswahili.

Beef, lamb and chicken are the usual meats served; — pork only on specific request. But we especially recommend the meat of the goats from the Kerio Valley.

Local food

A meal fit for a Champion


‘Mursik’ (sour milk curdled with wood ashes) is a local delicacy. It is usually taken together with ‘ugali’ (boiled maize meal) and ‘mboga’ (green vegetables). This is a traditional meal favoured by most athletes in the region. 

Mursik in a “sotet” (gourd) is often pesented to heroes, such as athletes returning to Kenya after world-breaking performances.

Local food

Chapati & cheese


Chapatis, made from a dough of wheat flour, are a very versatile food. They can be served with stews or broths instead of rice and / or potatoes. They can be rolled up around a sweet or savoury filling to make convenient snacks. On safaris, they last much longer than bread and are  easier to pack.

Local food

Roasted maize on the cob ( so sweet) !


Mandazis are a light, sweet, bun-like snack. They are made by quick deep frying of a batter containing baking powder. They can be made sweet or semi-sweet and are a fovourite with children

Local food

A favourite with the kids

Maize on the cob

Another common street-food, but only seasonally available, is roasted maize on the cob.
The maize will be not quite mature and hence sweet to the taste. It will be roasted on the spot while you wait.

Local food

Spicy or mild ?


Samosas are among the most popular local snacks in Kenya. They are prepared by frying minced meat, onions and spices wrap in dough. They can be very spicy or just mild. Vegetarian samosas may also be available at some restaurants.
Prudently, ensure that you consume freshly prepared samosas and from decent establishments/ vendors.