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Children's Playground

KV Children's Playground

The senior slide

The Bouncing Castle

This is a favourite of the children. The bouncing castle is inflated every weekend and public holiday, provided the weather is favourable.
At other times, it can be mobilised on request after payment of a small fee.

KV Children's Playground

Bouncing castle

Swings & Slides

The senior slide is quite high so it is not recommended for younger children. It is better to put them on the smaller one.

KV Children's Playground


It is a rule of the playground that all children under 7 years of age must be accompanied by an adult to supervise them.

KV Children's Playground

Observation area

An area next to the playground is provided with tables and chairs and can be serviced with food and drinks on request, This is recommended for the use of parents with young children.

KV Children's Playground