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Sunrise from Kerio View Lodge


Here lies a whole world of visual opportunities.
Being on the edge of an escarpment, Kerio View offers many occasions for panoramic shots; — though, often, the camera cannot match the challenges of lighting, visual field and misty horizons.


Beautiful Landscape


Wildlife is easily captured with modern cameras. The challenge is to get the very special and/or exceptional pic.
The elephants (right) are in Rimoi Game Reserve, just 40 km away from Kerio View. But it took 8 hours and a camp overnight in the bush to find them and get the shot.


Giants and majestic elephants roaming the plain lands in the valley.

More easily found are the birds of Baringo.
Lake Baringo is a comfortable 2-hour drive from Kerio View and offers one of the best bird spotting sites south of the Sahara.
Here, some species of starlings and hornbills are cheeky enough to insist on joining you for breakfast


The little birdie always come to share breakfast.

The Fish Eagle is the iconic species of Lake Baringo. You may capture it in mid- flight as it dives for the fish you throw into the Lake. The wildlife purist might frown upon this.

Baringo is a RAMSAR site with over 460 species of birds identified in the lake ecosystem and surrounding semi-arid lands.
Crocs and hippos are found along the lake shores.


The Fish Eagle is probably the most iconic bird of Lake Baringo, but it is also found along the Kerio River.


Yes indeed, the Pied Kingfisher married couple are very still as they wait to dive to catch their prey. The problem is, can you be equally still as you clutch your camera in a swaying boat ?


Pied kingfishers are very common along the shore of Lake Baringo

The khalanchoe plant is found in the flower beds around KV lodge. One does not have to go far to find a variety of attractive upland flowers.
The Lodge’s own information book (available at the reception desk) refers to some of them.


Want a to see a chameleon bask in the sun?
On a cool day you take photos all day long.

The Chamaeleon, if you can find it, is a favourite and always ready to pose for a picture. Its gentle swaying motion will not be a problem if the surroundings are not too much in shadow.


Those early morning dew on beautiful flowers.

Local pictures scrapbook

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