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Local Geo-Sites

Local Geo-Sites

Top of the 3 lower Kessup falls


There are many waterfalls within the forested highlands. Some are not easily reached or seen. Those that fall into the Kerio Valley from the top of the escarpment are more accessible and visible. Thay vary considerably in size and volume, depending on the season. The Kessup river has at least 5 prominent falls in the wet season.

Local Geo-Sites

Hiking down to Torok


Torok (which is the name for the wild forest pig in the kalenjin language) is the tallest continuous waterfall in all of the North Rift, at over 200 m.
The Torok river emanates from the plateau forest and spills over the top of the escarpment at a height of 2418 m.

Local Geo-Sites

Torok in the rainy season

It is a nice walk to the bottom of Torok (at about 2190 m).
One cannot stand at the base in the rainy season because of the force of water and a dense, cold mist. However, in the dry season, one can stand there and even access a cave at the back of the falls.

Local Geo-Sites

Chebloch Gorge


Over the millenia, in its course through the valley, the Kerio River has cut three gorges through outcrops of basalt rock. South to North they are respectively, Melwa, Chebloch and Teren.
Chebloch is the easiest to visit as it is crossed by the main highway between Iten and Kabarnet (051).

Local Geo-Sites

Melwa Gorge

Teren Gorge is particularly spectacular in the rainy season, when the river is a raging torrent, often carrying with it whole trees and, occasionally, a doomed animal or two.

Local Geo-Sites

Teren Gorge

Melwa Gorge is the least well known. It can be a tranquil spot for a picnic  —- but beware of the crocs in the river and the bees on top of the gorge (ladies desist from using scents and lotions that will attract them).

Local Geo-Sites

Kipteber Hill

Hills & Mountains

A number of hills and peaks are available for hill-walkers looking for 1 or 2 day challenges.  None require any rock-climbing skills. Pictured are Kipteber (L) and Koh (R).

Kipteber is a short day trip from KV and a climb of only 90 min. Mt. Koh  is a bit more serious and will need an overnight stay in bandas or tents.

Local Geo-Sites

Koh Mountain


Although the forest of Elgeyo-Marakwet are only a shadow of what they were formerly, the County still remains one of the most forested areas in Kenya; — particularly in the Cherangany Hills. The indigenous tropical montane trees and vegetation can be beautiful to travel through.

Local Geo-Sites

Forested hills of Marakwet

A break in the forest canopy, that allows the sun to filter down to the ground, is an ideal spot to stop, have a picnic —- and watch the butterflies; of which there are a myriad of species.

Local Geo-Sites

A drive through the Marakwet forest


In contrast to the forests, because of the geology of the region, caves are a rarity. There is only one which is worth a visit; this is the Kiplachoch Cave, near Kapyego in Marakwet (pictured R).

Local Geo-Sites

Kiplachoch Cave