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KV Accommodation

Kerio View provides a number of different styles of room. But, note that, due to demand, your preference may not always be available.
All beds are fitted with mosquito nets – though they are generally not considered essential at the attitude of Kerio View.
All rooms have WIFI service and facilities for making tea / coffee. TVs are not a standard fitting, but can be requested.

KV Accommodation

Rooms designed for athletes in training

The Athletes Building

This large Building also includes the gymnasium and physio / massage room. The accommodation is particularly suitable for visitors engaging in athletics or sports activities; especially teams and groups

Banda 1

This is the banda closest to the restaurant and is often the preference for the aged or disabled client.

Its large windows enable very intimate views of Colobus Monkeys when they visit.

KV Accommodation

Banda 1; inside

Banda 1; outside

KV Accommodation

Banda2; outside

Banda 2up verandah

Bandas 2Up and 2Down

They are located in a secluded piece of woodland.
The view of the Valley from B2Up can be particularly enchanting in the morning.

Banda 3

This can offer 3-person (triple room) occupancy or a small family accommodation. Its large windows offer good views of the Valley and birdlife.

KV Accommodation

Banda 3; inside

KV Accommodation

Banda3; outside

KV Accommodation

The three Banda 4 appartments

KV Accommodation

A Banda 4 bedroom

Banda 4

This consist of 3 adjacent apartments. It can be suitable for a large family or a group of friends.

Banda 5 & 6

These are apartments, in 2-story buildings, that are normally for double occupation, but can also be suitable for triple or small family use. They are centrally located and all have their own parking outside.

KV Accommodation

Banda 5; inside

Bandas 5 & 6; external view

KV Accommodation

An Athletes Building bathroom

Housekeepers on the job

Bathrooms with Showers

Showers are standard; but the rooms favoured by athletes are also fitted a bathtub.
Our team of friendly “housekeeper” will visit everyday and respond to your changing needs and requests.
Laundry service for standad items of clothing is free of charge.