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Iten Marathon 2019

Iten is not only the home of the best elite distance Kenyan runners including an amazing array of Olympic medalists and world record holders but it has also become the top international training Centre for elite runners from all over the world.

Iten Marathon is OUR race. It’s a race which puts our city on the map and which attracts runners from all over Kenya and the world to come to Iten. The Iten Marathon is all about promoting health, fitness, economic growth, cultural depth, and plain old-fashioned excitement in our community. It is also about using OUR platform to benefit the world at large in very positive ways through charitable and humanitarian activities.

Full Marathon

Startnumbers pickup: tba

Date: July 21, 2019

Address: Iten, Elgeyo Marakwet, Kenya

The Iten Marathon is a community oriented race, and it will also be an event which attracts people from all over Kenya and the world at large. The marathon course will highlight the training terrains of an amazing array of Olympic medalists, world record holders and the best elite distance Kenyan runners. The race will feature and promote both local-based and national businesses through a variety of unique and appealing sponsorships.

Registration Details

Phone: +254 726 205790

Email: support@itenmarathon.com


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