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KV Conference & Meetings

The conference room is the ‘Fourier Room’

The right environment

Our conference hall is located in the basement of the main building, making it fairly noise-proof and free from other disturbances at the lodge.

This is an ideal environment to effectively communicate and get work done.

KV Conference & Meetings

Preparing before the meeting

Seating arrangement

In consultation with the customer, the seating arrangement can be adapted to the number of participants and the nature of the meeting. 

KV Conference & Meetings

Seating capacity

This will depend upon the chosen seating plan. Hosting capacity can not exceed 80 and is comfortably 60 for most purposes.
Team-building groups often make use of the grounds outside the room for many of their activities.

KV Conference & Meetings

Conference facilities

All necessary conference facilities, i.e. projector, sound system with a microphone (if necessary), TV monitor (on request) and power extensions are provided in the conference package.  Other standard items include: flip charts, bottled water, notebooks and pens etc.

KV Conference & Meetings