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Leaving KV for a day’s touring

Leisure riding & bike hire

Road and mountain bikers will find much that is enjoyable and challenging in the Iten area. The upland plateau offers many routes on tarmac and non-tarmac suitable for both professional & non-professional rider.
A few mountain bikes are available for hire in Kerio View. Others may be available in Iten town; bring your own if you can.

Kenyan riders climbing the steep “Kolol section”

Road Racing

This is a relatively new sport in Kenya; but it is taking off in a big way. The dominant cycling team is KENYAN RIDERS, based in Iten. The main event of the year, is the Great Rift Valley Challenge (GRVC). 
Kerio View is proud to be one of the sponsors of this race (usually in Sept.) which attracts riders from all over Kenya and neighboring countries.

GRVC 2018


The GVRC, which has the support of the counties on both sides of the Kerio Valley (Elgeyo Marakwet and Baringo Counties) is a 120 km event. It involves 3735 m of climbing in a probable winning time of 3½ – 4 hours. The 24 km from Biretwo to Iten is an “hors” section to rival the famous  mountain course stages in the Tour de France.

GRVC 2019: Ladies podium

Mountain Biking

The highland plateaus and hills offer a multitude of rural and forest tracks. There are few restrictions on their use; so literally thousands of kilometers of biking trails are potentially available. Along the trail you will always find the local people friendly. Be courteous to them.

Viewpoint on the BOW trail

Special Trails

Several dedicated trails have been created on the escarpment. They offer exciting downhill rides that can take you down to the Kerio Valley (a vertical descent of over 1 km).
The BOW trail and KESSUP trail are of particular character. More are being developed.

KVDE 2018

Competitive Mountain Biking

The KERIO VALLEY DOWNHILL ENDURO (KVDE) is now in its 3rd year of existence. The 2-day event attracts riders from sll over Kenya and some from Uganda and overseas.
In 2019, for the first time, the overnight was a tented camp in Rimoi Elephant Reserve.

KVDE 2018: Start line.

Sponsors & Contacts

Sponsors 0f the KVDE include KERIO VIEW, Fly 540 Airlines, Sirikwa Hotel Eldoret, Ranson’s Investments and Tropical Heat Foods. More are needed for future events.
For more information, contact Simon at  simon@kenyanriders.com

KVDE 2019