Baringo Lae from balcony of Soy Safari Lodge

Lake Baringo

Baringo is  a comfortable 2-hour  drive from Kerio View. It is a RAMSAR site because of its importance as a wetland. The climate is warm and it is very rare for the sun not to be shining.


Goliath heron

Bird Watching

Baringo is a must visit for birdwatchers. The lake and lake-shore are home to numerous fish-eaters and waders with a more mixed diet.
The Fish Eagle is the iconic species, but there are more interesting and rarer birds waiting for your binoculars and camera.


The birding cliffs near Kampi ya Samaki

Not far from the Lake, on the western and northern sides, are basalt outcrops and cliffs – the remains of ancient volcanoes. In the hinterland, the bio-climate changes rapidly to semi-arid thorn bush.
The 3 ecological zones together offer more than 460 bird species.

Heading out to the islands

Lake Animals

Among the animals to be seen are hippos, monitor lizards and crocodiles. They are best seen by taking a boat ride on Lake Baringo. The boat can also take you to several islands with various attractions.


Njemps Fisherman

The local fishermen, of the Njemps tribe, can fish with rod and line but more often do so with nets from their traditional ‘ambatch’ rafts. The crocs compete with them for fish , but, otherwise, are rarely a threat to the local people who wash and walk in the shallows with equanimity.


The hippos, on the other hand, can be dangerous, particularly when they have young ones. They come out of the water at night and graze along parts of the shore. Do not be tempted to approach to take photographs.


Mudfish for sale

The main fish in the Lake are mud-fish and catfish. They can reach a considerable size. You can buy them in the market of the local village, Kampi ya Samaki.
More difficult than finding the fish is getting a suitable cook to prepare it for dinner.

Tawny Eagle

Lake Bogoria

Flamingos & hidden geysers

Lake Bogoria is located not far from Lake Baringo.  Unlike Baringo, Bogoria’s water is very alkaline, making it an ideal place for flamingos and other birds such as pelicans. Until recently, Bogoria was famous for its hot springs and geysers . Unfortunately, due to rising lake levels over the last 5 years, the geysers are now submerged and invisible.

Lake Bogoria

View of Lake Bogoria from western shore


Lesser kudu, a very attractive antelope, are common along the shores of Bogoria. Lake Bogoria is a National Reserve, which means you have to pay  to enter.
Given the present high water level, which makes it difficult to drive along thee shore, you will have to consider seriously if payment is worth it.
Lake Bogoria


Good accommodation is available in both Baringo and Bogoria. If you need that extra night to see all the attactions ask KV to do the booking for you, since we have good contacts with all the best establishments.

Lake Bogoria

Male Lesser Kudu have impressive horns

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