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Kerio View has gsm coordinates: N 00 39 307    E  035 30 664 and an altitude of about 2360m. Within a short distance of Kerio View there a number of take-off points overlooking the valley escarpment. The most appropriate can be selected according the prevailing wind direction and conditions. Landing sites may be on the lower "shelf" 400 m below or right down in the valley 1000m below.

The local people are friendly and generally do not disturb or object to the activities of our paragliding visitors.However, KV staff are always available to assist in liaising with people of the area and arranging for vehicles to pick up paragliders and their equipment.


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Kerio View is perched on the edge of the Kerio Valley escarpment -- a branch of the Great Rift Valley of East Africa.It offers prospects of the Tugen Hills and Tiati, the sacred mountain of the Pokot people. Down in the valley, and central to the panoramic view, is Lake Kamnarok, set in the middle of the Rimoi Game Reserve and fed by the waters of the Kerio River.

Attractions Nearby

Rimoi is a new reserve and hardly exploited. It is particularly noted for very wild buffalo and elephant. Visitors have to be accompanied by a Wildlife Department ranger.There are also crocodiles in the river, but they are very wary and shy of people and not always easy to see. Bird life is abundant.

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